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    These days it seems that everyone has a blog. 

    Blogs provide a beautiful empty space for people to shout out their experiences, and mostly opinions, to the world. We can hear from the political activist, or the trendy urbanite, or even the occasionally bored housewife in a blog. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks the public wants to read about it. One singular voice, giving one view on a subject is the common thread found amongst all blog posts.

    However, this blog will be slightly different. First off, we’ll be blogging about travel (I bet you didn’t see that coming) and everything that goes on in this industry of ours but with one small variance.........

    Instead of just one voice you’ll get three different authors, with three very different opinions. We'll have the perspective of a woman (who has asked us not to give her age, but let's just say it's on the + side of 60) that has a passion for travel, exotic locations, and unique dining experiences. We also have a middle aged woman, mother of two, who wishes she could hide in a spa for a week. And then finally we have our millennial, who is quite the posh traveler, that will give us the under 30 voice.

    Three very different women bringing you their thoughts and insights on travel destinations, trends, and news. Plus, we'll share some of our crazy ADVENTURE stories (trust us, we could write a book) on what we've seen in this business. 

    The first installment will be out soon, so be sure to stick around.

    We promise it’ll be worth the wait.


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