• Avoiding Holiday Travel Stress

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    Here we are, with another holiday season once again just around the corner.  All year we look forward to some well-deserved days off – either spending time with our loved ones or recharging our batteries on vacation. Unfortunately though, heavy traffic, long lines and short fuses can sometimes put a damper on holiday plans before you’ve even begun.

    Here are some tips for keeping the festive spirit alive by land, sea or air.



    ·         Know your baggage restrictions before you start packing! All airlines have this information on their website, or you can usually find it on your e-ticket. If you’re taking gifts, consider weight and space limitations.

    ·         Check into your flight online and print your boarding passes to save time at the airport.

    ·         Get to the airport early. If you anticipate long lines then you won’t feel as rushed or have to start your trip with a sprint across terminals.

    ·         Pre-assign seats. It may cost a few extra dollars (only certain fares) but will guarantee seats together or in your preferred location.

    ·         Take a good book. If there are delays at least you will be entertained, which will hopefully alleviate a little frustration.

    ·         Book well in advance. If you do not have much flexibility and are looking for the best fare (who isn’t?!) then it pays to secure those flights long before the tree goes up!



    ·         Plan your route ahead of time but have a back-up in mind, just in case of delays.

    ·         Stop for plenty of breaks. The only thing worse than being stuck in a car for an extended period is doing it with grouchy, overtired passengers!

    ·         Pack a “car picnic” to avoid overcrowded highway restaurants along the way. 

    ·         Take an audiobook for entertainment. Choose a title that will appeal to everyone or something you’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t had the time.



    ·         Get to the cruise terminal early. It’s likely to be busy so plan accordingly.

    ·         Never leave home the day of your cruise. Whether you are driving or flying to the cruise terminal be sure to arrive the night before so there’s no risk of missing the boat, so to speak.

    ·         If you are traveling as a couple and hoping for some quiet relaxation, opt for a cruise line such as Holland America, Celebrity or Princess. If you’re traveling with kids looking for a fun-filled adventure, Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean may be a better bet.

    ·         Make sure all your paperwork and required documentation is complete and packed somewhere easily accessible. This is the biggest reason for delays in boarding or even refusal in some cases.

    ·         Holiday cruises can be some of the highest rates of the year. Deals are out there though - ask us to watch for flash sales and special promotions for you!

    ·         Always check in advance on the cruise line’s policy for bringing alcohol aboard. You can usually bring one bottle of wine or champagne, but if you plan on toasting the season more than once or twice, there are drink packages you may wish to purchase ahead of your sailing.


    Don’t forget – the best way to avoid holiday travel stress is to use your travel agent! We take the headache out of all your planning, researching and fare comparisons, and do all the work for you at no extra cost! Happy holidays!

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